Where it all started...

Where it all started...

Everyone needs a Wookie hug

Everyone needs a Wookie hug

after skydiving... unafraid

after skydiving... unafraid

My Name is Kate Garnes.

I am a speaker, choreographer, kickboxing trainer, youtuber, and all around normal girl trying to leave this world a tiny bit brighter than when I came into it.

So I'm guessing you found yourself on this page to learn a little bit more on who I am and where I've come from
So here we go: 


Originally from the great state of Missouri, I was an only child raised on unsweet tea, playing outside, and teenage mutant ninja turtles by a strong single mom. Growing up small compared to others her age, I always felt the need to try to chase that pesky little thing called perfection, which of course was a losing fight. In working with youth for over ten years, I can see the same chase for perfection in teens that I saw in myself. I use my story of being told by trusted adults and friends that I was never good enough, to being a performer at Walt Disney World to a personal trainer for former professional athletes and top corporate executives to help teens see their own value apart from the chase for perfection.

I spend my life trying to speak to as many teens as possible in the hopes that they will stop listening to the lies they have believed for so long, and start accepting the gladiator of greatness that is inside them.

My energy, humor, and genuine love for others has captivated audiences from California to Florida. Your audience will be no exception! 

Fun Facts About Kate:

  • She is a DJ for Walt Disney World, as well as a performer.

  • She has a cat named Mozzie, who weights way too much, because of his love for treats.

  • She can spell Mississippi backwards.

  • She has spoken in 14 states (and counting) as a professional speaker!

  • She have a serious love for Macaroni and Cheese, Chipotle And Tacos.

  • She once tap danced for the half time show of a Charolette Hornet’s NBA Basketball game.


Want to get in touch?

You can contact her!

facebook instagram twitter: @kategarneslive

Or Email her at kate@kategarnes.com