What's kate talking about?


Kate has commanded the attention of audiences ranging from elementary aged ballerinas to former NFL athletes to top corporate executives. 

Keynote Talks:

  • Bend Your Knees And Tap Faster: Stop Making Excuses And Take Your Life Back
    A lot of times when things get hard, we accept defeat and never try to change the recording of inadequacy in our own thoughts. During this inspiring program, Kate takes you through her journey and struggle-- from being told by trusted adults, such as her father that she was not good enough, to performing for thousands of guests daily at top tourist destinations, to becoming a gladiator. Kate shows teens how to overcome obstacles and have personal success, not because someone saved her, but because she chose to save herself.

Teen Workshop Talks:

  • Say What?!? How The Words We Say And Don't Say Can Affect The Way We Lead
    All humans everywhere ultimately want three things: to be seen, heard, and understood. When one of those things is missing, that's when people start to become not so friendly. When accepting a leadership role, it is so important to know how to treat those you are leading with respect, humility and kindness. In this interactive workshop, Kate shows the importance of recognizing how to see, hear, and understand others, even when it's not easy. Students will leave with hands on actives to take back to their communities to help create an engaging and safe environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.

Adult / Teacher Workshop Talks:

  • Kate knows that at the end of the day, the advisors and teachers are the ones who help shape our students into the leaders of tomorrow. Kate leads a facilitated discussion to help address the struggles that advisors more often face, and helps them see that their self care is just as important as helping their students be successful.